Local Natives – Heavy Feet [Virgin Magnetic Material Remix]

virgin magnetic material

An incredibly relaxing track. Shai Vardi, aka Virgin Magnetic Material, the enigmatic producer who just keeps giving us high quality deep progressive remix is at it again! Today’s remix of Local Natives‘ ‘Heavy Feet’ brings an incredible atmospheric sound to the L.A. indie rock band. If you dig this, follow both of these artists!!


Virgin Magnetic Materials – Bad Habits Mixtape

VMM mixtape

Shai Vardi, the man from Israel who puts together amazing reworks of classic songs as well as quality remixes of hot new tracks, has a new mixtape out and I highly recommend you check out the amazing journey…

Genesis – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight [Virgin Magnetic Materials]

Shai Vardi, the man behind the music, from Tel Aviv, Israel. He delivers yet another superb example of what a remix should be, re-engineering the instruments and sounds to create an entirely new song while maintaining the soul of the original track.  Deep, dark, and progressive, he re-works the Genesis power rock anthem into a pulsating train of minimal progressive lounge groove. Don’t miss the rest of this guy’s extensive library of work on soundcloud. And then be sure to like him on facebook.