Secondcity – I Wanna Feel

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London Grammar – Sights [Tourist Version]

London Grammar Hannah Reid, centre

It’s funny how anonymity can drive fame. When London Grammar began promoting their song “Hey Now” over Youtube in late 2012, they got a lot of attention not only because the song was amazing, but also because no one could find pictures of the band. The band name in plain white letters was all most of us could find. Since their major success in 2013, they’ve finally done some photo ops, sold out every date of their U.S. Tour, and even did a cover of INXS’s “Devil Inside” for a Game of Thrones trailer. Tourist brings this song in very soft and atmospheric then drops a little 2-step beat on the second half. Enjoy.

*Throwback* Sasha and John Digweed – Northern Exposure


A true classic.

Anyone who loves electronica, house, progressive, progressive house, trance, psy-trance, ambient, or anything close to any of those genres… should own a copy of this release. Maybe it’s because the first Northern Exposure came out at the same time that I really fell in love with techno/electronica (1996)… but I have always felt that these two discs or two mixes embodied everything that was perfect about the art of DJing. Of course, Sasha and Digweed are not “turntablists”, they are DJs, producers, engineers, and artists. Northern Exposure was their second compilation as a duo, the first being Renaissance: The Mix Collection (released 1994). There are many people who argue that this was their best work to date and the pinnacle of DJ compilation. I recommend you bookmark this page so that you can come back and listen when you can devote enough time to listen uninterrupted. They are truly that good. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you Northern Exposure:

  1. Keiichi Suzuki – “Satellite Serenade” (The Orb’s Transasianexpress mix) – 10:40
  2. The Future Sound of London – “Cascade (Part 1)” – 7:05
  3. Young American Primitive – “These Waves” – 4:24
  4. God Within – “Raincry (Submerged)” – 7:51
  5. Rabbit in the Moon – “O.B.E. (Out-of-Body Experience)” – 7:07
  6. Morgan King – “I’m Free” (Playdo’s Minimalist mix) / (The Full-Length La Serrena mix) – 7:22
  7. Ultraviolet – “Kites” (Purple Haze’s Fantasy Flite Part One) – 4:11
  8. Fuzzy Logic – “Obsession” (William Orbit’s Quantum Loop mix) – 4:59
  9. William Orbit – “Water from a Vine Leaf” (Spooky’s Xylem Flow mix) – 6:49
  10. Apollo 440 – “Liquid Cool” (Deep Forest’s Ice Cold @ the Equator mix) – 6:25
  11. Banco de Gaia – “Last Train to Lhasa” – 10:45

  1. Dope on Plastic – “Wave Dub” – 5:59
  2. Drum Club – “Sound System” (Underworld mix) – 7:02
  3. Castle Trancelott – “The Gloom” – 6:38
  4. Pete Lazonby – “Wavespeech” (Junior Vasquez mix) – 6:08
  5. Evolution – “Phoenix” – 7:07
  6. The Light – “Dusk” – 3:48
  7. X Tracks – “Plan 94 (The Voyage)” – 5:46
  8. Mellow Mellow – “I Can’t Stop” – 4:32
  9. Banco de Gaia – “Heliopolis” (Eedupolis Dog mix) – 3:33
  10. Humate & Rabbit in the Moon – “East” (Opium Den mix) – 7:36
  11. Underworld – “Dark & Long” (Dark Train) – 10:58

p.s. It is important to note that the US release only contained the first disc. So if you bought this in 1997 or later and it only had one disc, I’m afraid to say that you were missing out on a whole other journey.