London Grammar – Hey Now [Arty Remix]

London Grammar

Alright! Happy Birthday to ME punk ass bitches! That’s right… I’ve made it through more years than I originally planned on being here, so that’s pretty good right?

Anyway, for my birthday… I’m going deep, progressive, soulful, and…. fucking LONDON! That’s right, London Grammar has certainly blown the fuck up this year with appearances on Jimmy Fallon and their debut album rose to the fifth top selling UK album for 2014. And they obviously have done several photo shoots now as there is no shortage of images of the trio. So this weekend, paint the town black with this incredibly gorgeous and club ready remix of Hey Now from Russian producer Arty.


London Grammar – Sights [Tourist Version]

London Grammar Hannah Reid, centre

It’s funny how anonymity can drive fame. When London Grammar began promoting their song “Hey Now” over Youtube in late 2012, they got a lot of attention not only because the song was amazing, but also because no one could find pictures of the band. The band name in plain white letters was all most of us could find. Since their major success in 2013, they’ve finally done some photo ops, sold out every date of their U.S. Tour, and even did a cover of INXS’s “Devil Inside” for a Game of Thrones trailer. Tourist brings this song in very soft and atmospheric then drops a little 2-step beat on the second half. Enjoy.

*Throwback!* The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance


“What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time” – The Jimmy Castor Bunch

One of the many electronic artists who really got me into this scene in the first place… Ed Simmons and Tom Rowlands got started back in 1991 in Manchester, UK. Their first album, Exit Planet Dust (an incredible funk and electro journey into the big beat style), is still one of my all-time favorites. I think the most popularized track from these guys was their collaboration with Mos Def a few years back on Push The Button‘s hit single, “Galvanize”. While that was a great song, it broke my heart when I heard it on a beer commerical… Excusing that transgression of artistic integrity, Ed and Tom have put out several very good albums over the past 20+ years. Here’s one of my favorite little tunes, mostly because it make me laugh and envision an entire club full of people dancing like salmon floating upstream. Who’s hungry?