Mustard Pimp – Renegade EP


Mustard Pimp dropped this sweet free EP about a week ago and I just caught on. The original is an old skool techno club banger which is exactly what I’m expecting from these guys, reminds me of Bizarre Inc a little bit. Run DMT‘s Festival Death Remix turns up the tempo and then rolls off the drop into a heavy dub bass. SPL delivers a solid drum and bass remix with a sweet drum rinse and distorted synth to start it off then lays on some stuttered electro heavy bass lines. Interferon keeps things old skool with an awesome industrial techno remix. Download the whole EP free from the player below.


*Throwback* Green Velvet – Preacher Man

green velvet

“What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time” – The Jimmy Castor Bunch

Most definitely taking you back wit this one. Curtis Alan Jones, also known as Cajmere, Green Velvet, Geo Vogt, Half Pint, Curan Stone, and Gino Vittori began making music with a cheap keyboard and a drum machine back in 1991 as a side hobby to his career as a chemical engineer. Cajmere was his original artist name (CAJ taken from his initials), and Cajual Records was his original self-made record label. Deciding to branch out, he created the Green Velvet moniker and Relief Records a couple years later. Most of today’s electronica lovers may not be able to appreciate the simple raw beats and noises backing the original “Preacher Man”, probably my favorite Green Velvet track. The preacher on the track is the Reverend Clarence LaVaughn Franklin – father of Aretha Franklin and ally of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Wiki) I loved the sample so much I actually made my own track called “2nd Most” several years back sampling the first part of the speech. It appears from checking out his website that he hasn’t been touring much lately, but that is not entirely surprising because Curtis has more than done his part for the house music scene for twenty years. If the original is too glitchy and crazy techno for ya, check out the 2012 Remix below, much more traditional house style.

Interestingly enough, Curtis became a born-again Christian in 2006 after a serious overdose of mushroom, weed, and apparently GHB. The fact that he was still taking shrooms and G after being in the scene for that long is crazy enough.