Chrome Sparks – Wake

Holy Cow, I’m still here!


OK, so I don’t have any real good excuse for my absence. School? I finished May 2016. Yeah. I’ve been doing some film industry work since then on top of my shirty job but other than that…? Nothing really. Just a lot of fucking around with art projects, new people, and now back to job hunting. That’s the part about finishing school that sucks.

But meanwhile, lots of awesome music has come and gone. Did you guys catch Moderat’s third album? Fucking epic! But I’ll save that for its own post.

This is about my main Chromey, Chrome Sparks. Seems he’s got a new release today called Wake.

His first new release this year and as usual, a gorgeous track. Chrome Sparks is know for producing orchestral melodies layered on top of classical rhythms with a touch of hip hop vibe. Wake continues this trend with another gorgeous song steeped in synthwave filters and pulsing dancefloor vibes.

If you dig, be certain to check out his earlier releases Sparks, Goddess, Parallelism and Moonraker. All are incredible listens. Another awesome artist brought to you by Future Classic.


p.a.t.t. – The Love Club


Alright, so I’ve been holding onto these/debating whether or not to release them. I recorded them originally back in March, but they needed work. So I deleted everything, but school kept me too busy to really work on it. After finals, I was finally able to take this project back to the studio and make the necessary changes. Essentially, The Love Club was inspired by the myriad of nu disco and funk tracks I had been coming across all spring. I began putting together a set, but I also had several other gems that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate. So inevitably I ended up splitting things up into two sets and then everything fell into place. Ladies and dudes, I give you… The Love Club.

Futurecop! – Lost Love ft. DWNTWN


Futurecop! is a UK duo, Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol. Haven’t seen much from these guys since their album release late 2013. Well, they’re not wasting time… their next album, Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers, is already in the works and due out later this year. Here’s the first sound I’ve heard from the new LP, very ethereal and airy vocals. Be sure to like their facebook page as they’ve already announced a remix coming out today!

Wulf – Before It Rises

wulf before it rises crop

Last week I decided to download and check out Class Action Vol. I on Retro Promenade since my buddy Wulf‘s new track is coming out on their second compilation. After listening to about 15 songs of static, droning distortion, the occasional random vocal sample and more static… I was thoroughly confused and disappointed. I asked Wulf what was up with that and it turns out that the first Class Action was kind of an anti-piracy project. A lot of artists are tired of companies like Spotify stealing their music and then pocketing any sales they make. So, Retro Promenade put together a “white noise” album as a way of giving Spotify and other pirates little “fuck you”! If this new song is any indication, the second Class Action compilation will be a huge about face. Out today on Retro Promenade, Wulf‘s “Before It Rises” is a gorgeous retro synthwave track worthy of a couple bucks donation! Break out your cassette walkman, your neon sunglasses and play Pong until your eyes bleed!

You can check out more Wulf on soundcloud

*Update! Class Action II came out a little late, but it’s out now with some sweet bonus stuff like authentic cassette tapes!!

Client Liason – Free Of Fear [Com Truise Remix]


I just figured out another reason I dig Com Truise so much, he’s from Jersey too! Well, originally New York, but later Princeton, NJ. Plus, the guy made a remix of one of the TRON: Legacy tracks which made it onto the TRON: Legacy Reconfigured remix album. His real name is Seth Haley and he is a retired art director turned drum and bass DJ turned synthwave, synthpop producer. Here is his latest remix release for Client Liason, another Melbourne duo who know how to sport some epically 80s hair dos. For those across the pond from me, Com Truise is about to embark on a European Tour in late May, be sure to check his site and catch him live.