Crayon – Give You Up feat. KLP [Yuksek Remix]

Did I mention that I freakin LOVE house? Especially with a bit o’ funk on it!  Solid remix here from Yuksek.

Love the description from the soundcloud page:

“You’ll find yourself drifting away in space wearing Joey Buttafuoco pants, you are confused because you think your time machine brought you back to some high class garden party in Miami but somehow you’re breakdancing in Compton.”

Space funk, R&B, and obviously a touch of modernity, embracing the only two decades Crayon have lived through to make a record for the nostalgic just as much as it is for the ones seeking the “sound of tomorrow”.

Oh, and here’s the Blende remix. Still funky, but a lil more disco.


Colette – Best Of Days

A few weeks back, I posted about a new young blonde German producer coming onto the scene with some great remixes. Well, Miss Vanilla is but a flicker when compared to the flame that is DJ Colette. I remember discovering Colette on OM Records years ago. Now she’s back and dropping a new album “When The Music’s Loud” which was crowd funded thru, heck you can even get her to DJ your party for pledging $5000. Gee, just 5 grand to have a gorgeous blonde house producer playing music just for me? Hmm…

Sigur Rós

First time I heard this track was on Ministry of Sound’s Chillout Session compilation… the old one circa 2002 (I say that because everyone and their mother has come out with a chillout session compilation now and I think Ministry of Sound now has several). Of course, a lot of people heard it in “Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzuo” during the scene where Steve finally finds the Tiger Shark. Personally, having heard the song several times before and already appreciating the beauty of the music made that scene incredibly awesome. Forget that it’s Monday folks….

Here’s another one which should help you disappear….