Moullinex – To Be Clear [RAC Remix]

Wow, you guys are still here… well in that case, check this out:


Moullinex, the man of Lisbon/Munich, recently dropped a new single and he’s got a couple of sweet remixes on the pack. My fave so far has got to be RAC’s version. But you guys knew I was a big RAC fan, right?

Check out the rest of the EP here

You’re still here?             It’s over!      Go home.   Go!

Bah.. I can’t Bueller you like that. I’m not done, not by any stretch.


Mayer Hawthorne

I’ve been diggin Mayer’s tracks for a while. Well… remixes of his track to be precise. I really love this first one, mostly due to RAC’s masterful remix.

Just caught these two mixes of “Her Favorite Song”. Oliver’s is definitely more my style.. funky and soulful. And for something completely different… check out the heavy dubs on Feature Cuts’ remix.

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