Seekae – Another


Seekae (originally Commander Keen, but they realized that name was already taken) is a Sydney trio comprised of Alex Cameron, John Hassel, and George Nicholas. These guys have been hailed as sonic entrepreneurs in Australia since their debut album in 2008. I first discovered their incredibly beautiful and hypnotic sounds after +Dome came out, but I only recently began to learn more about the group. They actually won a grant after their first album and since then have really been putting a lot of work into creating more complex soundscapes. In addition, this video for their latest track Another, is very gripping, and dark. Most say that the tradition of sacrifice in tribute to the land is real, but they generally use the fetus of a llama or alpaca. ¿Crees que pasa en el vídeo es un mito o no?


Local Natives – Heavy Feet [Virgin Magnetic Material Remix]

virgin magnetic material

An incredibly relaxing track. Shai Vardi, aka Virgin Magnetic Material, the enigmatic producer who just keeps giving us high quality deep progressive remix is at it again! Today’s remix of Local Natives‘ ‘Heavy Feet’ brings an incredible atmospheric sound to the L.A. indie rock band. If you dig this, follow both of these artists!!

Sigur Rós

First time I heard this track was on Ministry of Sound’s Chillout Session compilation… the old one circa 2002 (I say that because everyone and their mother has come out with a chillout session compilation now and I think Ministry of Sound now has several). Of course, a lot of people heard it in “Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzuo” during the scene where Steve finally finds the Tiger Shark. Personally, having heard the song several times before and already appreciating the beauty of the music made that scene incredibly awesome. Forget that it’s Monday folks….

Here’s another one which should help you disappear….