p.a.t.t. – The Love Club


Alright, so I’ve been holding onto these/debating whether or not to release them. I recorded them originally back in March, but they needed work. So I deleted everything, but school kept me too busy to really work on it. After finals, I was finally able to take this project back to the studio and make the necessary changes. Essentially, The Love Club was inspired by the myriad of nu disco and funk tracks I had been coming across all spring. I began putting together a set, but I also had several other gems that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate. So inevitably I ended up splitting things up into two sets and then everything fell into place. Ladies and dudes, I give you… The Love Club.


NoNoNo – Pumpin Blood [The Knocks Remix]


It’s your Two-fer Tuesday NYC special! JPatt and DJ B-Roc are back with another lively track to keep your finger tapping. As usual, these guys like to keep it light and fun. Their remix of NoNoNo‘s Pumpin Blood is no exception. They dropped some funky bass, twerky cymbals and stabbing synths over the repeating whistle and original vocals. Gorgeous and dance-fun! NoNoNo is currently on tour with Twenty One Pilots. Meanwhile, The Knocks are getting ready to hit Coachella!!

Holy Ghost! – Bridge & Tunnel EP


Matt Colon and Joel Mark, aka Holy Ghost! are about to resume their early 2014 tour with two shows in their hometown, NYC. Then its on to a couple of sold out shows at Coachella and a wrap-up show in Denver. They just released the official video for Bridge & Tunnel, the latest remix EP from their sophmore album Dynamics

Check out the EP below, the Midnight Magic remix is available as a free download on the player

Check out more Holy Ghost! on soundcloud and be sure to like their facebook page to keep up with the tour and new releases.

Stolbowsky – Retro Viseur + Aprés Garde Française Part I + II


Lucas Santoni, aka Stolbowslky, is an 18 year old French Art student who began playing guitar at 12 but branched out to learn several instruments. Now he makes his own disco and electro tracks and I totally dig his vibe! His newest track, Retro Viseur is a deep, dark electro builder with epic sweeping synth pads. Reminds me of something from Daft Punk’s earlier work, Electroma-Tron era.

Here’s another really good track which he produced two versions of; the first is much more bass guitar heavy and the second is a little more rhythm guitar and overdriven synth focused.