Snails & Botnek – Waffle House

Yup yup. This is a pretty dope video. That’s all I really have to say about that.

I’m still getting my shit back together. But I definitely felt the need to share this dopeness with you. I hope you feel the dope. I got hope in my dope.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a new mix on the way. Working title: You Know I Got Soul

-glenwoodgorilla (<– those who know)


p.a.t.t. – The Love Club


Alright, so I’ve been holding onto these/debating whether or not to release them. I recorded them originally back in March, but they needed work. So I deleted everything, but school kept me too busy to really work on it. After finals, I was finally able to take this project back to the studio and make the necessary changes. Essentially, The Love Club was inspired by the myriad of nu disco and funk tracks I had been coming across all spring. I began putting together a set, but I also had several other gems that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate. So inevitably I ended up splitting things up into two sets and then everything fell into place. Ladies and dudes, I give you… The Love Club.

Alex Metric & Oliver – Hope

alex_metric_pic oliver

And now, to turn things up a bit. The Oliver duo from L.A. (Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein & Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver) team up with big British producer Alex Metric on a sure fire dancefloor banger. It’s tracks like this that remind me why I still love house music. Happy Friday my friends, get out and dance!

Like Oliver on facebook, check out their soundcloud.  Like Alex Metric on facebook, check out his soundcloud.