p.a.t.t. – The Love Club


Alright, so I’ve been holding onto these/debating whether or not to release them. I recorded them originally back in March, but they needed work. So I deleted everything, but school kept me too busy to really work on it. After finals, I was finally able to take this project back to the studio and make the necessary changes. Essentially, The Love Club was inspired by the myriad of nu disco and funk tracks I had been coming across all spring. I began putting together a set, but I also had several other gems that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate. So inevitably I ended up splitting things up into two sets and then everything fell into place. Ladies and dudes, I give you… The Love Club.


The Knocks – Move Me


Did I ever tell you guys the story of how The Knocks got their name? Essentially, Ben and James moved into a small flat in New York together. When inspiration would strike, they would do what any producer does and retire to their respective bedroom studios and begin rockin out. And more often than not, eventually one of them would get the typical knocking on the wall from their neighbors. So Ben, or James would then peek into the other’s room and say, “Hey I’m getting the knocks.” Personally I thought that little anecdote was pretty awesome. I know that practically everyone has had that experience, but I think it makes a great artist name and back story.

Well, B-Roc and JPatt are kind enough to release this follow-up B-side from the Comfortable EP cutting room floor. Move Me is a sweet disco club track with big distorted synths and an irresistible funky electro groove. Free to download from one of my fave blogs: thissongissick.com

The Swiss – In The City


I fell in love with the funky disco style of The Swiss a few years back when I heard their Bubble Bath single. But other than their Movement series, I didn’t hear much more from these guys. They did put out several remixes for artists like Ladyhawke, Annie, The Holidays, and Headman. But about a year ago they got back to producing original tracks. Fading back and forth between electro disco and dance pop, I’m thankful that they’re latest release is high quality sultry disco funk. “In The City” slows things down quite a bit, but the swagger is totally on point. The five track EP features two remixes, one from Luke Million and another from Adapt or Die as well as two more original tracks. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Luke Million and Tony Mitolo as The Swiss…

In The City drops April 21st on Kitsune.  Like The Swiss on facebook.