The Victoria’s – L’Amour En Voilier

The Victoria's

Shout out to Léo! Superlove to you, Seb and Fred! Thankfully he caught my post on the FASTBACK remix of Concorde I posted early this month and directed me to their facebook and soundcloud pages. Their mission statement of sorts goes something like this:

“United under the banner of V to spread their love, The Victoria’s have no claim except the desire to seduce. You will fall in love with these three stylish young men. We are the V and we make love.
ATTENTION! Sexually Transmitted music! V!”

I cannot agree more. After I found their soundcloud, I clicked play on their lastest release, a Funk LeBlanc (hails from San Francisco, here is his website, soundcloud and facebook… if you dig the funk as much as I do, I recommend checking out more of his tunes!!) remix of The Victoria’s “L’Amour En Voilier”. Within the first 25 seconds I knew I was about to be inundated with extremely sultry, molasses-like sticky, sexy music. Yes, I warn you, you’re about to be infected with sexually transmitted music!

If you love what you hear, The Victoria’s also have an official youtube channel. Oh, and I mistakenly guessed that they were from London… obviously WRONG… these sexy young lads hail from Pau, France.


*Throwback* Daft Punk – Around The World

I give you one of my favorite music videos of all time. I think anyone who has been frequenting this blog already knows that I was highly influenced by Thomas and Guy. Some people hate this video simply because there is no story, just a bunch of people dancing around in odd costumes in circles. What those people miss is the orchestration of the choreography with each instrument of the song. It is simple, it is musical, it is beautiful. I remember watching this video for the first time on MTV Amp. Ah, the days when you could actually watch music videos on MTV…

Stolbowsky – Retro Viseur + Aprés Garde Française Part I + II


Lucas Santoni, aka Stolbowslky, is an 18 year old French Art student who began playing guitar at 12 but branched out to learn several instruments. Now he makes his own disco and electro tracks and I totally dig his vibe! His newest track, Retro Viseur is a deep, dark electro builder with epic sweeping synth pads. Reminds me of something from Daft Punk’s earlier work, Electroma-Tron era.

Here’s another really good track which he produced two versions of; the first is much more bass guitar heavy and the second is a little more rhythm guitar and overdriven synth focused.

Emmanuelle Seigner – You Think You’re A Man [Yuksek]


Ok, first… I’m having a tough time writing this post. My apologies to those who are here just for the music. I just read an article about a young woman who was killed last month while working on set for a film in Georgia, USA. Sarah Jones was a 27 year old camera assistant who lost her life due to massive neglect on the part of the directors and mangers on this film. I have limited experience working on set myself and reading this article gave me chills. I hope this is at least a wake up call for the people who are excitedly getting into the burgeoning film industry here in GA.


On a much lighter note, “You Think You Are A Man” is an incredible song with crisp, beautiful vocals from French actress and singer, Emmanuelle Seigner. And just about everything Yuksek touches becomes french house gold. Please, enjoy. And reflect.