Chrome Sparks – Wake

Holy Cow, I’m still here!


OK, so I don’t have any real good excuse for my absence. School? I finished May 2016. Yeah. I’ve been doing some film industry work since then on top of my shirty job but other than that…? Nothing really. Just a lot of fucking around with art projects, new people, and now back to job hunting. That’s the part about finishing school that sucks.

But meanwhile, lots of awesome music has come and gone. Did you guys catch Moderat’s third album? Fucking epic! But I’ll save that for its own post.

This is about my main Chromey, Chrome Sparks. Seems he’s got a new release today called Wake.

His first new release this year and as usual, a gorgeous track. Chrome Sparks is know for producing orchestral melodies layered on top of classical rhythms with a touch of hip hop vibe. Wake continues this trend with another gorgeous song steeped in synthwave filters and pulsing dancefloor vibes.

If you dig, be certain to check out his earlier releases Sparks, Goddess, Parallelism and Moonraker. All are incredible listens. Another awesome artist brought to you by Future Classic.


*Artist Spotlight* – Branchez


Alright, time for a new spotlight my friends! Thanks to another music lover with awesome taste (shout out to Bambi!), I recently discovered this New York City based hip hop and trap producer: Branchez. Can’t really give ya any background/history on the guy, but the first track I’m posting here was apparently his first upload on soundcloud! Personally, I really dig his trap remixes more than his hip hop original tracks, but hey, you gotta learn how to make beats somewhere right? Either way, this dude is already tearing up clubs north and south of the border. He’s got several freebies available through his soundcloud and facebook pages, so go show some love!

Chrome Sparks – Goddess

chrome sparks

Jeremy Malvin, aka Chrome Sparks, delivers his best work to date. I posted on his Sparks EP last year and thank the almighty universe that he has received due attention! He is on tour now with Jesse Brickel, aka Young Yeller, and Bill Delelles. Check out tour dates on his website. While I generally give you something quite chill on a Sunday, I could not resist sharing this epic excursion which starts out a bit subdued, but works itself into a crescendo of synth melody. Please, share this with a friend and enjoy.

Like Chrome Sparks on facebook, and check out the rest of his work on soundcloud

Lily Allen – Air Balloon [Digital Farm Animals Remix]

guy-laurie-Digital Farm Animals

The other DFA… Digital Farm Animals is Guy Laurie and Nick Gale from London. I caught on to their productions a couple years ago when they came out with “Perfect Pictures“, a grimey but still beautifully atmospheric dubstep track. They’ve released several remixes and their Bugged Out EP since then. I’m not a huge fan of Lily Allen, but she definitely makes me laugh now and then. And of course, Digital Farm Animals have put a beautiful spin on her song “Air Balloon”.

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty [Mssingno Remix]


Some of you probably have noticed that I support a lot of the Australian electronica scene. Honestly, I’m not certain where it started. I mean, I’ve been listening to DJs from all over the world for many years and honestly didn’t know where many of them were from originally. Turns out a fair lot of ’em are from Australia. As is the case with Jagwar Ma. A Sydney based production duo who honestly I haven’t been into until this track. Don’t get me wrong, they make great tunes, just not really my style. They’re definitely more psychedelica than dance, but that’s where London’s Mssingno comes in, turning it into a chill psychadelic dubstep beat.