Trolley Snatcha – I’ll Be OK + Dead


Sweet new drums from London dubstep heavyweight Trolley Snatcha. The chimes in both tracks give them a bit of a tropical sound, while Dead goes off on a much darker progressive tangent.


p.a.t.t. – Slow and Low Mix


So, it’s been a little while…  Between working about 30 hours a week, completing classwork for 5 online classes and 1 on-campus lab, writing for the school paper, and of course keeping up with this little blog here; I managed to squeak up a couple of mixes here and there. One of them is this sweet nugget of downbeat bass-y decadence I like to call Slow and Low, and yes it is a reference to the Beastie Boys because they just rule. The first half of the mix is a bit slower and heavier on the dubstep side. The second half is a bit more upbeat and hails to the trap vibes. As usual though, my mixes always build you up, shake you round and then bring you back down.

Oh, and I apologize for not writing anything lately. I finished up finals with As in all 6 courses (fuck yeah!) but the day that was all over with I got into a wreck while riding my scooter home from work and sprained but wrists. Although I am extremely grateful that was the worst of it. Hopefully I’ll be back to writing soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the mix! Download here.

Mizuki – Plus One


Mizuki (ミズキ, Mizuki) was a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure and a former instructor at the Academy. Or, Mizuki is also Reilly Brown, sick UK dubstep producer. He’s got a lot of 8-bit influence as well. He’s signed to Circus Records and just toured the U.S. alongside Doctor P and Cookie Monsta. Overall, I’m kinda over of heavy grimey bass dubstep, but Mizuki does a good job of keeping up a melody.

The Eclectician – Eclectica

Just a heads up, I’m basically on break this week (even though I’m actually working more hours and still doing school work… so… yeah) so I’m taking a break from posting. But I am working on a couple of new mixes so definitely keep an ear out for that. Meanwhile, here’s a little something that I’ve never actually shared online but it is one of my all-time favorite mixes. Enjoy!

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty [Mssingno Remix]


Some of you probably have noticed that I support a lot of the Australian electronica scene. Honestly, I’m not certain where it started. I mean, I’ve been listening to DJs from all over the world for many years and honestly didn’t know where many of them were from originally. Turns out a fair lot of ’em are from Australia. As is the case with Jagwar Ma. A Sydney based production duo who honestly I haven’t been into until this track. Don’t get me wrong, they make great tunes, just not really my style. They’re definitely more psychedelica than dance, but that’s where London’s Mssingno comes in, turning it into a chill psychadelic dubstep beat.