Secondcity – I Wanna Feel

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*TBT* Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads – Mushrooms [Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix]

mushrooms salt city orchestra vinyl

“What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time” – The Jimmy Castor Bunch

One of my favorite deep house tracks. I think this came out around 2000. I’ve heard it on so many mixes and compilations since it was released it’s hard to remember when I first heard it. This is one of those tracks that takes you to another place completely. Especially if you were in another place mentally when you heard it the first time (why I never!). So for those of you who have not had the pleasure before, I suggest you do whatever you gotta do to detach from the troubles and stresses of the world; sit in a meadow full of daisies and meditate, find a closet and lock yourself in there, smoke the phattest blunt you can roll, whatever…. just relax and enjoy this aural journey. Thank you Marshall Jefferson, Noosa Heads, and the Salt City Orchestra!

Kidnap Kid – Like You Used To

kidnap kid

Alright, in keeping with the chill dance vibe… here’s a new offering from Matt Relton, aka Kidnap Kid, a 23 year old English producer with about 3 years of official releases under his belt.¬† Wait, 23? doesn’t he look more along the lines of Jonny Lee Miller in this pic? Ok.. maybe not that rugged, but he’s definitely got similar bone structure. Anyway, enjoy this beautiful melody and very kool artwork.

We Were Evergreen – Daughters [Aeroplane Remix]


Vito de Luca, aka Aeroplane, is the suave nu disco producer behind one of my favorite nu disco tracks of all time: Flight Facilities/Friendly Fires – Paris/I Crave You (Aeroplane Remix).momkdmsl¬† Now this Belgian house/nu disco genius is tackling the French trio We Were Evergreen‘s “Daughters”, leaving us with a deep disco house vibe with heavy warm pads to carry you down the stream. Very magnifique!

Flight Facilities – I Didn’t Believe ft. Elizabeth Rose [Jad & The Ladyboy Remix]


Here’s another good chill track for Sunday. Jad & The Ladyboy is actually one dude (real name Jad Lee), another Aussie actually. He’s part of a four piece band called Mitzi. And he’s been rippin out tons a sweet remixes and original tracks of his own under this moniker. I highly recommend jumpin over and checkin out his Soundcloud page. Flight Facilities have been pushin their Stand Still with Mickey Green EP lately, but this track is actually about 9 months old. Really diggin this deep progressive feel on it from Jad.