*Throwback* Daft Punk – Around The World

I give you one of my favorite music videos of all time. I think anyone who has been frequenting this blog already knows that I was highly influenced by Thomas and Guy. Some people hate this video simply because there is no story, just a bunch of people dancing around in odd costumes in circles. What those people miss is the orchestration of the choreography with each instrument of the song. It is simple, it is musical, it is beautiful. I remember watching this video for the first time on MTV Amp. Ah, the days when you could actually watch music videos on MTV…


Pharrell Williams – Gust Of Wind feat. Daft Punk


Pharrell‘s new album GIRL just drops on March 3rd. It seems he was able to get the robots to join him for yet another groovy floorfiller. Guy and Thomas are on the chorus on this one as Pharrell does his usual thing on the verse. You can stream the album right now over on iTunes.

Update: Well, looks like this isn’t ready for mass consumption yet according to “Web Sheriff”, sorry guys…

Lifelike – Night Patrol


Still in a bit of a disco tip thanks to my buddy the Mind, and I just came by this sweet new track from Lifelike. At about 2 minutes in it starts to sound a lot like some Discovery era Daft Punk. Which will always get a resounding “Hellz yes!” from me. Of course, makes a lot of sense considering that Lifelike, aka Laurent Ash is from Paris…