Chrome Sparks – Wake

Holy Cow, I’m still here!


OK, so I don’t have any real good excuse for my absence. School? I finished May 2016. Yeah. I’ve been doing some film industry work since then on top of my shirty job but other than that…? Nothing really. Just a lot of fucking around with art projects, new people, and now back to job hunting. That’s the part about finishing school that sucks.

But meanwhile, lots of awesome music has come and gone. Did you guys catch Moderat’s third album? Fucking epic! But I’ll save that for its own post.

This is about my main Chromey, Chrome Sparks. Seems he’s got a new release today called Wake.

His first new release this year and as usual, a gorgeous track. Chrome Sparks is know for producing orchestral melodies layered on top of classical rhythms with a touch of hip hop vibe. Wake continues this trend with another gorgeous song steeped in synthwave filters and pulsing dancefloor vibes.

If you dig, be certain to check out his earlier releases Sparks, Goddess, Parallelism and Moonraker. All are incredible listens. Another awesome artist brought to you by Future Classic.


Chrome Sparks – Goddess

chrome sparks

Jeremy Malvin, aka Chrome Sparks, delivers his best work to date. I posted on his Sparks EP last year and thank the almighty universe that he has received due attention! He is on tour now with Jesse Brickel, aka Young Yeller, and Bill Delelles. Check out tour dates on his website. While I generally give you something quite chill on a Sunday, I could not resist sharing this epic excursion which starts out a bit subdued, but works itself into a crescendo of synth melody. Please, share this with a friend and enjoy.

Like Chrome Sparks on facebook, and check out the rest of his work on soundcloud

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana [Haywyre’s Piano Cover]


Haywyre, aka Martin Vogt, comes to us from the Minneapolis/Milwaukee area, by way of Austria, but originally from Layfayette, Indiana. Obviously a worldly-wise young man, he brings together jazz and hip hop influences with a classical piano training and a knack for picking up most any instrument. I came across a promo for his upcoming release and decided to check out his soundcloud page. There, I found this little gem. A cover of Chrome Sparks wonderful melody, “Marijuana”…

Be sure to like his facebook page and watch out for the release of Two Fold Pt. 1, out Monday on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Chrome Sparks – Your Planet *100th POST*!!

Alrighty my friends,

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you, you lovely bunch of coconuts!” This marks my 100th post here on AuralXTC. This is my second music blog, but my first solo blog project. The first was called OMFGAtlanta and is still online at You can find a plethora of music there as well as lots of other stuff like beer reviews, show reviews, book reviews, celeb gossip, local Atlanta topics as well as random other stuff. In addition, you can check out several of my own DJ mixes at  Anywho, I just wanted to thank those of you who have followed this blog.

I discovered this artist a couple of months ago and I have really been diggin his vibes. Check out more Chrome Sparks here

“Inspired by a background in classical percussion and an obsession with synthesizers, Jeremy Malvin creates music under the name Chrome Sparks. Jeremy grew up in Pittsburgh, then went to music school at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Two years later, he left school and went on extensive tours as the drummer for Stepdad, Miniature Tigers, and Rich Aucoin. Jeremy currently resides in Brooklyn, where he spends his time working on music in his bedroom, often leaving it to play DJ sets. Although Jeremy works on the recordings alone and has not done many live performances, the Chrome Sparks live realization has had many different incarnations, ranging from a one man show to an eight piece band. Currently, Jeremy does live performances with two dear friends.”