Active Child – Takes Me Back (Until the End of Time edit)

Active Child

Ahh, perfect for a cold Sunday morning. Pat Grossi returns with his latest release since the Rapor EP. To be honest, this isn’t really the style I was looking for from Pat. This sound like something out of the early 90s with a much more pop ballad sound. Although I do enjoy the lyrics and the usual Active Child vocals. It’s just a little too radio friendly for what I have come to expect from Active Child. A very uplifting and sweet song to dedicate to your love.


Gilbere Forte (feat. Active Child) – Nolita

Active Child’s new 6 song EP “Rapor” is coming out October 22nd. Pre-orders are available at iTunes and you’ll get an instant download of his song “Subtle” with Mikky Ekko when you place your order. Looks like there’s a new track with Ellie Goulding called “Silhouette” on the EP, can’t wait to check that one out, sure fire vocal harmony.

This song is not on the “Rapor” EP, but it was released back in May by Gilbere Forte on his PRAY album.  It’s definitely very heavy hip hop influenced on the beats, but still has a lot of the airy synths and bells which represents Active Child’s sound. The song features Pat Grossi (aka Active Child) with his signature choir-like vocals on the chorus and Gilbere droppin his grittier rhymes on the verses. It’s certainly a diverse pairing, but it works. I think it’d be even better without the filter effects on Gilbere.

Unfortunately, the player is not available to embed. Listen to the track on soundcloud here. This is another heartbreaker track from Active Child and an introduction to Gilbere with a full free album download of PRAY available here.

Active Child (feat. Mikky Ekko) – Subtle

Sweet, Happy Friday to ME! New Active Child is always a sign of good things to come.

If you follow me, you’ll quickly find out that I love Active Child. It’s the combo of that choir boy vocals with his indie electronica productions and generally sexy or heart-wrenching vocals, hooks me every time. This is a new joint with someone I know little about, let’s check Mikky Ekko out…