Artist Spotlight – Wulf

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Isn’t it every thirty years the sound of the past comes back into fad, or comes back to haunt us (however you look at it)? I suppose it makes sense that the 80s sound is gaining a lot of appreciators these days. Electronica/techno/whatever you called it back in the 90s has risen practically to a status of mainstream with the explosion of dubstep several years ago. Considering how much synthesized melody and heavy percussion that style involved, it seems fitting that we’re settling into the more easy-going but still very electronic instrument oriented sound of the 80s. I was recently introduced to a local producer who has a true affinity for the emotion which drives the heart of 80s synthwave and synthpop. He got his start with producing dubstep tracks about a year ago, but decided to switch to synthwave (a very smart move in my opinion). He has a track coming out on Retro Promenade‘s Class Action II Compilation, out April 1st. You can check out the first Class Action Compilation here. Show some love for the Wulf!

So far, I think Galaxy Surfing is my favorite, or maybe Life’s A Beach:

And just cause he’s a super nice guy, Wulf has these tracks available for download on bandcamp, although I highly encourage the monetary support of good music!! (hint, hint, cough)


*Throwback* Touch Sensitive – Slowments + Art Of Noise – Moments In Love


Also known as as part of Van She and Real Talk, meet Michael Di Francesco. He also released an EP last year on Future Classic called Pizza Guy. He has relocated from Sydney to L.A. and is working on his solo project called Touch Sensitive. Even his first Touch Sensitive release back in 2006 had a heavy retro/italo-disco influence. This style is definitely back with gusto on his latest release “Slowments” including samples taken from Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love”.

And just to make it an official throwback, here’s the original Moments In Love vid:

Wave Racer – Streamers [Ryan Hemsworth Remix]


I like Ryan Hemsworth because he keeps it eclectic. I’ve got some super chill tracks from this guy and then he puts out incredible almost garage sounding remixes like this one. I’m guessing he dug the new Wave Racer release and just had to put his spin on it. Now it looks like these two are working on a collaborative EP out soon on Last Gang and Future Classic.

Genesis – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight [Virgin Magnetic Materials]

Shai Vardi, the man behind the music, from Tel Aviv, Israel. He delivers yet another superb example of what a remix should be, re-engineering the instruments and sounds to create an entirely new song while maintaining the soul of the original track.  Deep, dark, and progressive, he re-works the Genesis power rock anthem into a pulsating train of minimal progressive lounge groove. Don’t miss the rest of this guy’s extensive library of work on soundcloud. And then be sure to like him on facebook.

Crayon – Give You Up feat. KLP [Yuksek Remix]

Did I mention that I freakin LOVE house? Especially with a bit o’ funk on it!  Solid remix here from Yuksek.

Love the description from the soundcloud page:

“You’ll find yourself drifting away in space wearing Joey Buttafuoco pants, you are confused because you think your time machine brought you back to some high class garden party in Miami but somehow you’re breakdancing in Compton.”

Space funk, R&B, and obviously a touch of modernity, embracing the only two decades Crayon have lived through to make a record for the nostalgic just as much as it is for the ones seeking the “sound of tomorrow”.

Oh, and here’s the Blende remix. Still funky, but a lil more disco.