London Grammar – Hey Now [Arty Remix]

London Grammar

Alright! Happy Birthday to ME punk ass bitches! That’s right… I’ve made it through more years than I originally planned on being here, so that’s pretty good right?

Anyway, for my birthday… I’m going deep, progressive, soulful, and…. fucking LONDON! That’s right, London Grammar has certainly blown the fuck up this year with appearances on Jimmy Fallon and their debut album rose to the fifth top selling UK album for 2014. And they obviously have done several photo shoots now as there is no shortage of images of the trio. So this weekend, paint the town black with this incredibly gorgeous and club ready remix of Hey Now from Russian producer Arty.


Fink – Looking Too Closely


Fink is an English singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, also known as Fin Greenall. However, as his career has gained steam, the name Fink has also come to encompass the band’s bassist, Guy Whittaker and drummer, Tim Thornton. Basically, Fink began to rise to the upper echelons of music performance after the 2006 release of his album Biscuits and Breakfast. I however, did not discover Mr. Greenall until the release of his song Sort Of Revolution (which I featured the Cinematic Orchestra remix on one of my mixes, honestly forgot which one right now…). Which is a great track to introduce yourself to Fink, so if you’re unfamiliar, please click the above link first.

The important thing here is that Fink’s new album Hard Believer is coming out July 14th. The title track is available to download free from the Fink soundcloud page or the Fink website. Go get it while listening to their new single, Looking Too Closely.

The Knocks – Move Me


Did I ever tell you guys the story of how The Knocks got their name? Essentially, Ben and James moved into a small flat in New York together. When inspiration would strike, they would do what any producer does and retire to their respective bedroom studios and begin rockin out. And more often than not, eventually one of them would get the typical knocking on the wall from their neighbors. So Ben, or James would then peek into the other’s room and say, “Hey I’m getting the knocks.” Personally I thought that little anecdote was pretty awesome. I know that practically everyone has had that experience, but I think it makes a great artist name and back story.

Well, B-Roc and JPatt are kind enough to release this follow-up B-side from the Comfortable EP cutting room floor. Move Me is a sweet disco club track with big distorted synths and an irresistible funky electro groove. Free to download from one of my fave blogs:

Thanks for all the fish!


Just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you! to everyone who has discovered this blog and taken the two seconds to either follow, share or comment on what you’ve seen, heard or read. I sometimes get busy or lazy and neglect to work on a new post for  the next day or for a week or two, but then I get an email notifying me that someone new has followed the blog. Thus I return to continue my mission of giving music the poor huddles masses at my doorstep.

This is not my first music blog rodeo. N.A.S.A. was actually the first, very short-lived attempt to grow an audience based on the submissions of myself and two friends who lived in the North Atlanta area (hence the name – North Atlanta Sound Association). But then that club/hip hop UK group N.A.S.A. got big and so we decided to scrap that.

So I very arbitrarily decided to try using a totally blazé name which would easily attract local attention – OMFGAtlanta. But OMFGAtlanta was more than a music blog. It was a joint project between at least 5 regular bloggers and a few occasional contributors. We covered music, movies, books, beers, fashion, gossip, weird novelty items and more. Eventually, we organized ourselves and managed to start up some club events around the East Atlanta Village. In my opinion, the most epic of which was the very first time we took over Graveyard Tavern on the same night that the Atlanta Roller Derby Girls were having a party. Epic night.

But, all good things must come to an end my friends. OMFGAtlanta died out as some members got busy with school, some moved away, and I got involved with a big phat mistake. But that mistake was also some of the spark which caused me to decide to start my own blog. I knew I needed an outlet to share music because that is what I have always loved. So, a little less than a year ago, I started AuralXTC. It really has been just a simple labor of love and nothing more. I don’t advertise outside of the facebook or twitter posts, so I honestly don’t know how most of you have found me. But I gotta say Thanks!

p.a.t.t. – Slow and Low Mix


So, it’s been a little while…  Between working about 30 hours a week, completing classwork for 5 online classes and 1 on-campus lab, writing for the school paper, and of course keeping up with this little blog here; I managed to squeak up a couple of mixes here and there. One of them is this sweet nugget of downbeat bass-y decadence I like to call Slow and Low, and yes it is a reference to the Beastie Boys because they just rule. The first half of the mix is a bit slower and heavier on the dubstep side. The second half is a bit more upbeat and hails to the trap vibes. As usual though, my mixes always build you up, shake you round and then bring you back down.

Oh, and I apologize for not writing anything lately. I finished up finals with As in all 6 courses (fuck yeah!) but the day that was all over with I got into a wreck while riding my scooter home from work and sprained but wrists. Although I am extremely grateful that was the worst of it. Hopefully I’ll be back to writing soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the mix! Download here.