Snails & Botnek – Waffle House

Yup yup. This is a pretty dope video. That’s all I really have to say about that.

I’m still getting my shit back together. But I definitely felt the need to share this dopeness with you. I hope you feel the dope. I got hope in my dope.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a new mix on the way. Working title: You Know I Got Soul

-glenwoodgorilla (<– those who know)


Seekae – Another


Seekae (originally Commander Keen, but they realized that name was already taken) is a Sydney trio comprised of Alex Cameron, John Hassel, and George Nicholas. These guys have been hailed as sonic entrepreneurs in Australia since their debut album in 2008. I first discovered their incredibly beautiful and hypnotic sounds after +Dome came out, but I only recently began to learn more about the group. They actually won a grant after their first album and since then have really been putting a lot of work into creating more complex soundscapes. In addition, this video for their latest track Another, is very gripping, and dark. Most say that the tradition of sacrifice in tribute to the land is real, but they generally use the fetus of a llama or alpaca. ¿Crees que pasa en el vídeo es un mito o no?

London Grammar – Sights EP

london grammar

The skyrocketing London Grammar trio is releasing a 3 song EP for another single from their debut album If You Wait. The single features the original version if Sights as well as a 2 Step remix from Tourist and a out of this world progressive drum n bass remix from Andy C. iTunes users can Pre-Order the EP here, it will be released officially on June 1st.

*TBT* Armand Van Helden – U Don’t Know Me + Professional Widow


This was probably one of my favorite house tracks that I bought on vinyl. Most of my vinyl is singles, 2-4 track EPs. I don’t even remember listening to it in the store as I would everything else. I just saw Armand Van Helden and snagged it. The discs I ended up with were a small selection of the 2Future4U album. Of course,  by this point in Armand’s career, it was pretty hard for him to top his remix of ‘Professional Widow’ from Tori Amos. I guess I can post that one up for reference. I just went with ‘U Don’t Know Me’ because it’s been on my mind lately. Enjoy some awesome old skool house!