Chrome Sparks – Wake

Holy Cow, I’m still here!


OK, so I don’t have any real good excuse for my absence. School? I finished May 2016. Yeah. I’ve been doing some film industry work since then on top of my shirty job but other than that…? Nothing really. Just a lot of fucking around with art projects, new people, and now back to job hunting. That’s the part about finishing school that sucks.

But meanwhile, lots of awesome music has come and gone. Did you guys catch Moderat’s third album? Fucking epic! But I’ll save that for its own post.

This is about my main Chromey, Chrome Sparks. Seems he’s got a new release today called Wake.

His first new release this year and as usual, a gorgeous track. Chrome Sparks is know for producing orchestral melodies layered on top of classical rhythms with a touch of hip hop vibe. Wake continues this trend with another gorgeous song steeped in synthwave filters and pulsing dancefloor vibes.

If you dig, be certain to check out his earlier releases Sparks, Goddess, Parallelism and Moonraker. All are incredible listens. Another awesome artist brought to you by Future Classic.


Thanks for all the fish!


Just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you! to everyone who has discovered this blog and taken the two seconds to either follow, share or comment on what you’ve seen, heard or read. I sometimes get busy or lazy and neglect to work on a new post for  the next day or for a week or two, but then I get an email notifying me that someone new has followed the blog. Thus I return to continue my mission of giving music the poor huddles masses at my doorstep.

This is not my first music blog rodeo. N.A.S.A. was actually the first, very short-lived attempt to grow an audience based on the submissions of myself and two friends who lived in the North Atlanta area (hence the name – North Atlanta Sound Association). But then that club/hip hop UK group N.A.S.A. got big and so we decided to scrap that.

So I very arbitrarily decided to try using a totally blazé name which would easily attract local attention – OMFGAtlanta. But OMFGAtlanta was more than a music blog. It was a joint project between at least 5 regular bloggers and a few occasional contributors. We covered music, movies, books, beers, fashion, gossip, weird novelty items and more. Eventually, we organized ourselves and managed to start up some club events around the East Atlanta Village. In my opinion, the most epic of which was the very first time we took over Graveyard Tavern on the same night that the Atlanta Roller Derby Girls were having a party. Epic night.

But, all good things must come to an end my friends. OMFGAtlanta died out as some members got busy with school, some moved away, and I got involved with a big phat mistake. But that mistake was also some of the spark which caused me to decide to start my own blog. I knew I needed an outlet to share music because that is what I have always loved. So, a little less than a year ago, I started AuralXTC. It really has been just a simple labor of love and nothing more. I don’t advertise outside of the facebook or twitter posts, so I honestly don’t know how most of you have found me. But I gotta say Thanks!

Mizuki – Plus One


Mizuki (ミズキ, Mizuki) was a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure and a former instructor at the Academy. Or, Mizuki is also Reilly Brown, sick UK dubstep producer. He’s got a lot of 8-bit influence as well. He’s signed to Circus Records and just toured the U.S. alongside Doctor P and Cookie Monsta. Overall, I’m kinda over of heavy grimey bass dubstep, but Mizuki does a good job of keeping up a melody.