Fink – Looking Too Closely


Fink is an English singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, also known as Fin Greenall. However, as his career has gained steam, the name Fink has also come to encompass the band’s bassist, Guy Whittaker and drummer, Tim Thornton. Basically, Fink began to rise to the upper echelons of music performance after the 2006 release of his album Biscuits and Breakfast. I however, did not discover Mr. Greenall until the release of his song Sort Of Revolution (which I featured the Cinematic Orchestra remix on one of my mixes, honestly forgot which one right now…). Which is a great track to introduce yourself to Fink, so if you’re unfamiliar, please click the above link first.

The important thing here is that Fink’s new album Hard Believer is coming out July 14th. The title track is available to download free from the Fink soundcloud page or the Fink website. Go get it while listening to their new single, Looking Too Closely.


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