The Victorias – Concorde [Fastback Remix]


Talk about impossible. I was trying to track down another pic to give you for Fastback here… alas this was all I could find. Whoever they are, Fastback is definitely keeping things anon for now. What’s interesting is I found a post on the Daft Club website from last August where the author also ponders suspicions of Kavinsky or SebastiAn being behind this. From the funk and sampling style we have on this and other recent tracks… I’d say maybe Kavinsky. But if you listen to the Puissance track they posted on that article, or even Fastback’s “Vide” on his soundcloud page. you can definitely see where they got SebastiAn from. I guess Fastback has been slipping away from the heavy electro bangers and concentrating on delivering the funk, which I’m totally fine with. The Victorias are also a bit hard to find info on. They have a myspace page, an old one which doesn’t have much going on. The only two releases I can find are Secrets (and I challenge you to find them by typing in “victorias secrets”) and In the Kings Head (which I’m going to assume refers to the Kings Head pub in London, and thereby gather that they’re from London).


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