CFCF – Lorraine


Been a busy day here, almost let a Sunday slip by without some sweet chillax vibes for you. And what do I find on my stream today? A new tune from Montreal’s Michael Silver, better known to the electronica world as CFCF. His productions are almost always very ethereal. Occasionally he gets a little housey, a little pop, but for the most part you can always count on CFCF to bring the delayed melodies, decaying chords, and here we get some sweet guitar echoes as the song slides on down the road. Beautiful.

p.s. Take a close look at the rose in the artwork. It’s like a close-up of an extremely detailed acrylic painting.


4 thoughts on “CFCF – Lorraine

    • Thank you for the comment Mouhcina! Always appreciate some good vibes! And you should continue blogging yourself.. maybe post up some piano playing for us to hear? Piano is probably my favorite instrument and I wish I could play well, so I admire your dedication to teaching yourself. I hope you’re enjoying England, I have always wished to move there myself. One day I’ll find a way =)

      • I wish I could put a video up of me playing but wordpress won’t let me and I also need a new piano. Maybe when i get a new piano i’ll put them on youtube. The way I learnt to play piano was when I was fiddling around on my brothers toy piano and I googled everything. After that I looked for tutorials in YouTube and noted them in my own words. Thank you for also checking out my blog. piano can be hard at first but the more you play the more you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

      • Thats awesome! I kinda learned how to DJ the same way, except I practiced on my buddy’s turntables and I had to go sneak into clubs and watch the DJs cause there was no google or youtube then. Keep on playing Mouhcina!

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