Lane 8 – The One EP


Back in September I shared a couple of Lane 8’s remixes [Daughter – Youth (Lane 8 Remix)] [Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Lane 8 Remix)] with you which I highly recommend you check if you haven’t already. Since then, Lane 8 (real name Daniel Goldstein) hit it big when Jody Wisternoff (of the UK progressive duo Way Out West) became Anjunadeep Records as an A&R rep. Wisternoff had been following Lane 8 for some time and signed him to the label. What I find interesting is that while Lane 8 is based out of San Francisco and his sound is quite reminiscent of the deep house Om Records tracks or even Naked Music, he says that he wasn’t a fan of those scenes. But I guess it makes sense because Lane 8 strives to be a lone wolf, blazing his own path through beautiful melodic soundscapes. House and progressive heads out there, support this very talented artist and pick up his new EP on beatport. Meanwhile, go check out more of his library on soundcloud.


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